Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Media is Looking Great

Some really awesome pics were recently posted by the media people at the latest PGP drift event. Looking at the collection of pictures that media have taken of my car over the past year or so is kinda funny as the quality of the picture content is leaps and bounds better now compared to before. It makes sense as media people have replied to new drifters inquiring for pictures of their drift shots saying, that there usually aren't any because it's difficult to get a good shot of someone when they don't know what they're doing. Likewise, it isn't any fun for photographers to take pictures of cars that spin out after every corner and bend--story of my life.

So basically the media I have from a year ago when I was still trying to learn how to drift is pretty ugly. Nowadays it's getting better and starting to look cool and makes me want to do more and get even better. Hopefully I can afford to do many events this year and hopefully they're all trouble-free events as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today was a fairly eventful day, at 8:30am I had a final exam--finished an hour and a half or so later then rushed home to jump into my car and head over to Pacific Grand Prix (PGP) for another day of drifting.

A decently large crowd attended today amid the pouring rain. Rain dumped on us heavily the entire time barring the last couple hours when the track started to dry off a small amount. This enabled everyone to get a ton of wet drifting practice which is really challenging because everything feels like its going in slow motion then BAM, make a mistake and you're doing a slow-motion 180 spin. The last event I attended was at the same location about a month ago which enabled me to land the first few turns without spinning even in the rain which is tricky because usually I need a full session or two to get back into the "groove" as the "feel" of drifting is so much different from any other type of driving I've done--it seems like there's about an equal amount of time spent with your hands completely off the wheels as there is with them on.

The drifting was good as I managed to link much more of the track together without spinning compared to last time. I also discovered / started becoming comfortable with multiple clutch-kicks during a single drift which can allow oneself to link more and more of the track together reliably. However, I still haven't touched the e-brake which is gonna bite me later. Soon hopefully I keep telling myself.

Another highlight of the event was the final "Last Man Standing" event where every single drifting car is put on the track (~30+ cars) at the same time and cars are eliminated and have to exit the course if a spin occurs or if a wheel drops off the course. Basically it rewards good driving as you get to keep driving so long as you don't make a mistake. You also can't cheat and just drive the track without drifting to survive longer. The highlight was that I was on fire (not literally) and managed to survive up to the top 5 mark. I eventually spun in a tight section of the course where people don't usually drift because the spectators can't see the area and my sweet run was over. It was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to next time.