Monday, November 9, 2009

Non-drift related update

Nothing really new to say regarding the drift scene here since its practically winter and there is virtually no motorsports activity here in Seattle once the brunt of Fall season hits. However, I'm getting excited right now because I'm finishing up writing a research proposal to apply to a program which will give me funding to go to Japan next year. There's another program that I'm applying to for the same thing as well.

If I'm fortunate enough, it will mean that I may be able to spend about 4 months working in Japan. During which I hope I can get a taste of the drift scene, as a spectator of course. I will probably be super poor over there. It's too early to jump to start planning anything though, I haven't been formally accepted to anything yet--need to finish this application. I'll update with any new information regarding this subject as it comes up.

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