Friday, August 26, 2011

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) is now!

Today was the first day of the Penny Arcade Expo, otherwise known as PAX (Prime).  The event is essentially like a smaller (?) version of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) while being catered to gamers and normal people as opposed to industry and media.

This was my first time attending PAX and I wasn't sure what to expect.  My original intention or purpose for going to PAX was to film cosplayers as PAX is a gaming convention as opposed to an anime / Japanese entertainment convention--so I was hoping to catch some sweet video game cosplays...  I knew that PAX wasn't a cosplay event but given an attendance of 60-70,000 people I figured that there should statistically be a reasonable number of cosplayers to feature... NOPE.  A massive cosplay drought was detected.  Given that I can't really release a video featuring as few as 3 cosplayers it looks like I'll be doing an event montage as opposed to a cosplayer montage. It's hard to pass judgement right now, perhaps all the cosplayers are waiting to make a big debut tomorrow, I'll find out then.

Aside from the shortage of cosplayers, PAX is a pretty cool convention.  If you go with a friend and play tons of new unreleased games you're sure to have a blast.  The developer booths in the exhibition halls are really awesome with lots of gigantic statues, display screens, and fancy lighting.  As I mentioned previously, it's an event for gamers, nearly every booth at PAX has playable games with tons of slots and there's tons of free stuff to be grabbed as well.  I attended the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) last summer and PAX is by far a much more entertaining event (again industry vs gamer).  You could go to TGS and you would be fortunate to get to play more than 1 game.  At PAX the lines were reasonable and many booths had open spaces to play.

I'll probably release whatever splicing of footage I manage to capture tomorrow evening sometime--stay tuned!

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