Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cosplay Featurette - Kara aka Electric Lady

Here's the featurette video highlighting some of the work done by Kara aka Electric Lady.  It was great working with her at the various locations we explored around Seattle and I'd be happy to do it again.  Will I be doing "featurettes" for other people?  Possibly, it primarily comes down to the cosplayer and whether they are willing to invest the time and effort required to fulfill something like this.  Our efforts are summarized and compiled into the following final video:

I believe releasing this video also marks the beginning of the end, with my intention to; take a break / retire / go on a hiatus / sabbatical / etc.  The length is as of yet unknown and is being done for a few different reasons.  If I manage to attend another convention, hopefully it will be one where my Spectre is debuting.   See you then!

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