Thursday, July 9, 2009


Just a little update:

Fixed the cooling system issue, the broken piece was in-fact the plastic Y-shaped bit. The cooling hose and clamp had completely snapped off with a ribbed portion of the piping inside of it. Had to remove the battery, battery box, some ducting stuff, and the main wiring harness to gain access to the area. Whole job took about 3 hours or so, refilled the system with coolant / water, bled the system and was good to go.

Will be receiving the core part of my secret project tomorrow, hopefully everything I'll need will be there so that I won't need to scramble for miscellaneous bits later.

Also, in order to improve the driftability of my car I've determined that I'll need more positive caster. This basically affects the rate of steering-wheel return that will be achievable (being able to flick the wheel in the direction of the drift and catching it) while drifting. My car's caster is fairly neutral and my steering wheel doesn't seem to return very well or very fast at all. I think some new 96-99 M3 upper strut tower mounts are in order to get some more positive caster.

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