Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As I leave for work on my bicycle I ride past my car and notice something is a little off as I glance at it. My focus is directed toward my right rear wheel which is flush against the ground because the tire is FLAT. I inspected the tread of the rear tires and notice that there really is not much there on the insides, it's pretty much bald.

I change out my rear tires with my old 15" SSR/Azenis RT-615s and can't really see what caused the right rear tire to get flat, there are some marks on the bald part of the tread that look like sharp cuts but I can't really tell. On the other tire there are pretty big chunks missing from the tread with cords showing. It's pretty surprising that I didn't have any issue getting home yesterday on the wet roads.

Dunlop is currently running a special where if you buy 4 tires you'll get a $75 Amazon gift card. I might have to bite on that so I can have some spare rears for future practices / events. Another giant dent to my CC debt. I need a bailout!!

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