Monday, September 7, 2009

Drift event + practice

Went to a drift event yesterday with the new motor and suspension bits and the car is great, it's just that I'm terrible. The whole time I felt like I wasn't in control of the car at all and that's definitely not in a good way. I actually went off the course one time and thankfully wasn't kicked out. The weather was really bad also, pouring rain pretty much the whole time which made it impossibly hard and when my group had to work it was cold and windy and I got soaked even though I had an umbrella.

So it nearly felt like an event / day wasted.

Because I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything I really wanted to get some solid seat time / practice in on my own without having to worry about run groups, time, or anything. So I basically found an empty area with a friend and did just that while getting a few pointers here and there. I pretty much spent the whole time trying to do donuts and failed for a while doing that which made me sad considering donuts are supposed to be really easy. Eventually I got the hang of it sorta and with the tires super hot was able to initiate a slide a little easier. I also got the hang of a proper clutch-kick as well. Basically I need to work on the transition from one sliding direction to the other now which is pretty tough to master.

I chewed up the insides of my rear tires pretty much completely and will probably need to get replacements before the next event / practice session.

The car has been pretty good so far, it seems to toss a check engine light randomly here and there for what so far has been nothing serious and the cooling system has been finicky. The system isn't bleeding air properly and seems to be overheating at idle. Hopefully the car will continue to be reliable for a long while until I can master the art of drifting...

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