Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poop burger

The latest strange news to come out of Japan is something that I hope is an elaborate joke / satire. Basically the story that's being told is that a Tokyo sewage company is saying they have a ton of the brown stuff and want to know if they can do anything useful with it. A few researchers in Okayama have responded to this call for action and have evidently devised a method to make hamburgers from your toilet brownies.

Researchers apparently spent a bit of time analyzing dingleberries to determine that they contain a large amount of bacterial protein (from the bodies of the bacteria themselves). Then they devised a method to isolated and grow the good stuff from the stink which in the end yielded them poop steaks. The researchers say they're delicious as long as you don't realize / find out where the brown beef came from. The cost to produce these fudge patties is about 30 times more than regular meat but the researchers hope to bring down the costs through a large-scale operational ramp-up. Lets hope this never gets big, please spare me.

I'm hoping for the "It's a hoax" updates to arrive.

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