Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perfume - Japanese Daft Punk

I've featured some Japanese music groups before such as the always-entertaining Genki Sudo, but another group that I enjoy, which I guess you could describe very loosely as "Japanese Daft Punk" only in the sense that both have an electronic sound,  is パフューム or Perfume

Perfume is a pretty big-name electronic pop group in Japan with a pretty unique and upbeat sound while not being a "cookie cutter" girl group.  Their music is only half the story though.  While not quite the same style or caliber as Genki Sudo, Perfume's choreography is entertaining and fun.

Their music is featured in various commercials and movies, including in Pixar's Cars 2.

However, while huge in Japan, Perfume like most Japanese music groups has only niche followings in other parts of the western world.  That's fine, but it would be cool to see them branch out into other non-Asian markets.   *hint hint*

A sampler vid is below:

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