Sunday, February 12, 2012

SC2 Spectre Cosplay: Legs 11 + Shoes

I'm making very slow progress as usual--I'm  pretty much limited to working on the project during the weekend as by the time I get home from work during the week, it's pitch black outside.  Temperatures are still on the cold side so that's going to hinder the painting process.  Hopefully things start to warm up soon... California cosplayers probably don't appreciate their amazing weather enough. 

Anyway, smoothing of the "leg bits" continues, they're pretty much done I believe--the next step(s) should be to give them a coat of primer if weather permits.  I'm pretty excited to see what the legs will look like when they're a uniform color, although surface unevenness will be amplified.

The shoes are also going through the slow "build-up and smoothing" process and are slowly making headway.  It seriously looks like I haven't done anything in the picture below due to the ugly patchiness, but I insist that it's a lot better than it was last week.  Baby steps, to be continued...


  1. Wow! Awesome work! I'm envious :D

    Do you still have the pep files for the armor?

  2. thanks! check out the latest post for a link to the file.