Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3D Printed Jewelry: Part Deux

I've deviated slightly from my original plan to print a pair of sunglasses, but I had a sudden inspiration to make another set of earrings (I still have lots of earring loops and parts to make several set pairs).  The latest design is also quite a step up in complexity from the previous simple "teardrop" shape covered in the previous post but was still fun to put together in 3D.

Official SC2 Tempest model

FastMatt's Tempest-inspired model design

The design and shape was loosely inspired from the Tempest flying unit in SC2 and because it was loosely inspired I took liberties in simplifying and generalizing the design for the intended application as a wearable earring.  Most notably, the tail end of the earring has a hollow post to inset an earring loop connection.  Additionally, the front of the earring also has a loop physically built into the design with the intention of hanging an as-of-yet-undecided "dangling model" representing a ball of lightning / energy.  The design is slightly modular in this sense.  

3 copies, 1 extra "just in case"

Two iterations were required, the first was scaled slightly too small causing some of the details and features to be lost due to the frailty of the miniature printed part.  The earrings were scaled up in size by about 25% and have come out nicely.  Both iterations (5 earrings in total) also had no failures as well which was really great.  The high print yield of the Form 1 is much appreciated.

Freshly-printed models on the build platform

The earrings will be extracted from their supports and attached to loops and after designing a 3D "energy ball"--that will be attached to the physical loop as well to yield the completed product.  The next issue will be to figure out what to do with the earrings (I'm no fashion model)...