Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking good

Today in preparation for tomorrow I took the car to the shop to have the new wheels installed, not just installed though as I can do that myself. I needed to have the fitment checked and have the fenders rolled to add clearance. Front and rear wheels were installed with the car in the air, the fronts looked ok... but the rears showed some massive poke. The mechanics didn't think there would be any way to get the wheels to fit without cutting and installing over-fenders.

I wasn't going to take that for an answer though as I've heard lots of other people with my car fitting some ridiculous sized wheels without so much difficulty. I later realized that other people were able to fit large wheels because they had raised their car to a height where the wheel didn't need to tuck into the fender. My car's height can't be adjusted right now and it's pretty low so I said to break out the fender roller and have at it--let's make this happen.

It took a bit of pressing and muscling to force the fenders out, they were pushed out pretty well and afterward the wheels appear to be able to tuck inside the fenders now. After a test drive there was some rubbing on one side so more pressing and rolling was required. After tweaking the fenders a little more the fitment seems to be pretty good. I'll find out for sure tomorrow I think.

Final touches left to do before tomorrow include flushing the coolant with distilled water and mounting a fire extinguisher in the car.

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