Sunday, April 17, 2011

JSA Matsuri 2011

Yesterday I went and checked out the Spring matsuri (festival) that was hosted by the Japanese Student Association (JSA) at UW. I attended their last matsuri two years ago and it was pretty fun--lot of little game things, samplings of Japanese food, and some Japanese (or rather Asian in general) performances. I arrived towards the end of this year's event but still managed to shoot some video to hopefully capture a small segment of the festival's feel.

It seemed to be a good time with people dressing up in colorful outfits (Yukata, etc.) and having their pictures taken, learning origami, calligraphy, and playing a variety of small festival games which can be seen in my video below. This year there was a big effort toward fund-raising relief money for Japan, it seems to be going fairly well.

Meanwhile, Seattle's weather is getting pretty tiresome, It was pretty cold out there--this month may as well be in the middle of winter / December in terms of how rainy and cold it's been. It might get better next month...

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