Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is here

Finally had a day where the sun was visible for a least most of the time--only to disappear again tomorrow for a few weeks. With some decent light out I snapped a few shots of the cherry blossom trees (Sakura) on campus which are in full bloom right now. The trees essentially serve no other purpose than to look good for a few weeks, provide a nice atmosphere, and that's it.

The cherry blossom image is held very dearly by the Japanese as it represents / symbolizes many things such as life, beauty, death, etc. The short, yet vibrant life of the blossom encompasses some aspects of human mortality. Historical use of the imagery dates back nearly 1800 years. Representations can be seen in samurai and yakuza culture as well.

There are many Sakura trees that can be found in America with a concentration in Washington, California, and Washington, D.C. The majority found their way to America as gifts from Japan although there have been many private imports as well. However, the trees have a lifespan which is nearing its end for the ones I capture in Seattle.

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