Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter update

No real update to add right now as I'm currently on vacation in Arizona right now until the end of the year. I haven't been doing very much which has allowed my mind to wander when thinking about various things including future plans and what the next year will bring. I'll be traveling to Los Angeles again in the first week of January for ALA to do the usual cosplay filming. Going back to the idea of having a lot of free time to think--prominent cosplay YouTube videographer, AcksonL, has been having a lot of issues with the sound in his videos being muted due to copyright infringement. This is kind of a big deal in that a lot of work goes into producing these videos which are oftentimes created and designed with a very specific song in mind. When the audio at some point later gets muted, that becomes a pretty big motivation killer. Next year I want to branch out and produce some video shorts, still currently thinking about what niche I plan to fill though and how that will impact shooting cosplay.

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