Monday, December 12, 2011

SC2 Spectre Cosplay: Legs 6

The legs are proving to be a ton of work and it almost feels like nothing is really becoming of all the effort that I've spent on them.  The two legs are currently in different states of finish and in the latest picture it's really apparent how dissimilar they are which is pretty annoying.  I don't think I'll be able to get the leg on the right perfect without having to completely remake it--and there's no time for that with so many other pieces left to make.  I picked up a little trial size of Apoxie Sculpt, and used it to build up some raised edges on the model.  I must say that Apoxie is a pretty amazing material to work with and the kneading process you have to do at the beginning is quite therapeutic and feels great.  The cure time is a bit long (24hrs) but that's the price that must be paid I suppose.

I also started work on the shoes or boots by splitting the pepakura model and integrating the pieces with an old pair of dress shoes I had lying around.  The fitment was surprisingly good.  The only issue or concern is that the bit at the rear sticks out a good inch or so at the top and might make it look like im wearing clown shoes--but it might just be a matter of perspective at this point.  I need to decide how to fill the gap in the center of the two pieces by deciding whether to use something flexible or jointed to allow the toes to bend or just rigidizing the piece to a uniform / fixed model with fiberglass.  I'm pretty excited to see how these will turn out.

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