Saturday, December 3, 2011

SC2 Spectre Cosplay: Legs 4

Spend a good part of the afternoon sanding down the legs, got most of one leg shaved and a small portion of the other.  While sanding the second leg I noticed more and more the quality discrepancy between the two, the second leg is 10000x inferior it's almost as if the model is warped.  It's a little disappointing but I'm going to try and make the best of it--hoping more bondo and more sanding will help alleviate the problem slightly.

Sanding down the bondo is a pretty time consuming and nasty process, a respirator and other personal protective equipment is definitely mandatory.  After working on the first leg I was covered in dust and swept up 1-2 cupfuls of fine powder.  The first leg isn't perfect and there's a lot of divots and imperfections in the surface.  I think I'll need to pickup some Apoxie sculpt which is like an epoxy clay to fill in areas, reinforce the leg openings, and build up the edges of sharp surfaces.

Hopefully I'll get to spend some more time working on the second leg tomorrow.  Bondo sands somewhat easily but requires a lot of patience when cutting through thick areas.  I found that rough bondo surfaces destroyed my 80 grit sandpaper pretty fast.  Bondo placement should be deliberate and precise to avoid / reduce headaches later.

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