Friday, August 31, 2012

New base of operations

It's been about two months that I've completed living in Germany--subletting a small cheap student apartment with a 2 month lease term.  With the lease nearing its fulfillment, I needed to find a new place to live and fast. I looked at a lot of ghetto apartments which shared a common theme of being either really old and run down or with some other undesirable feature.  For example, I found one nice apartment but it was on the top floor (5th) of the building and had a building entrance between a bar and an adult store (aside from being really expensive to begin with).  

Quite a long period of time was spend during my hunt but I finally landed a new apartment which seems to be pretty nice all things considered.  It's fairly large (72 square meters), is on the first floor (technically the 2nd), has very high ceilings (I don't even think I can touch the ceilings whilst jumping), and a fridge with an external freezer door (!)--where the frozen yums at?  There are a few minor "issues" which seem to be mostly cosmetic although these types of things (issues) seem to be the name of the game based on what I've seen and experienced thus far.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of the new place once I'm moved / settled in.  One downside to the moving process is the lack of internet in the new unit until everything gets sorted out and setup.  Hopefully there will be less than 1 week of downtime.  

I hope I don't go crazy without internet in the meantime.  I still have to write about some amazing German plant accessories I've discovered which will change the face of gardening and plant keeping forever... I know right!  The next update will be from my the new base of operations--until then...

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