Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Project Day 1: Out with the old

Didn't manage to complete the project in one day as planned, however, decent progress was made at least.

Since the photos will give it away, the car is undergoing a heart transplant, swapping out the old anemic 4-cyl motor for a nice juicy 6-cyl.
Step 1: Drain coolant, power steering, disconnect wiring harness, remove DME/ECU, etc.

Step 2: Remove intake bits, other miscellaneous materials attached to engine and ready hoist for pulling.

Step 3: PULL!

Step 4: Look at void where engine used to be.

Step 5: Prepare new engine for transplant (swap transmission, starter, etc.)

This is as far as we got in 1 day. Hopefully tomorrow will consist of dropping in the new motor without any trouble and reconnecting everything together / finishing touches. Will be picking up an engine leveler tomorrow morning to hopefully help shoehorn the massive motor into place. We'll see how it goes. I'm excited to start her up though!

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