Sunday, January 29, 2012

SC2 Spectre Cosplay: Legs 9

Smoothing the legs continues and I think I may have reached my breaking / satisfaction point.  I forgot to add the raised detail bits on the sides of the legs earlier so the preliminary version of these detail bits were added (seen below).  The next step will be to sand and shave them to spec, which may be extremely difficult because they're hollow (pepakura shells underneath apoxie sculpt).

In the disaster strikes update (#7) I mentioned that I couldn't get my feet into the modified shoes until after cracking the fiberglass shell at the top.  Continuing from that point, I cut out the fiberglass formwork and constructed a new piece from sintra (closed-cell PVC foamboard) and glued it into place.  The new piece was extruded outwards about an inch to give sufficient clearance for my foot when trying to put the shoes on--and it works, I don't need to cut chunks out of my feet now!  Seams were filled with apoxie sculpt and will be sanded down later.  Next steps will involve lots of bondo, shaping, and sculpting again.

Here's the reference again:

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