Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sakuracon 2013

Evening dance party

The month began with one convention, with a few days in the middle, and concluded with another convention--that being Sakuracon.  This marks a one year anniversary since the last cosplay montage video I posted prior to everything in my life undergoing a huge change (moving to Germany, etc.).  A return to normality hasn't quite yet been achieved, but it's getting close.  This year, being without any video stabilization equipment, I decided to make an attempt at being "Mr. Photographer."  However, I don't really consider myself to be a photographer but instead just a GWC (guy with camera--minus the negative connotation).  This year I just wanted to relax and leisurely take-in the Sakuracon experience, without any obligations, snapping pictures here and there, while letting spontaneity take over.

Haruna Luna X Eir Aoi

Sakuracon is a pretty unique convention in that many Japanese artists, singers, and industry members attend every year.  Sakuracon seems to have the most non-English speaking attendees I've ever encountered at an Anime convention.  I actually found the Japanese performers Eir Aoi and Haruna Luna just nonchalantly walking around the convention site with translators in tow.  At the time I didn't know who they were but it was interesting to see them being treated as "normal" people (amid having some level of niche fame) in that they're weren't recognizable or really known by anyone on this side of the pond.

"Japonese" Hot dogs

The weather during the convention was perfect for another year in a row.  I ate a "Japanese" hot dog, which I half-expected to be a normal hot dog slathered in corn and mayonnaise but in reality came in a variety of Asian-themed varieties.  I ordered a "Matsuri," it was pretty good.


Lux X Garen

Lux X Garen


I bumped into a few more "up-and-coming" local cosplayers and did a couple impromptu "mini-shoots."  The first is RikkuGrape from Portland, Oregon.



And the second is Caitastrophic Cosplay, also from Portland.



Ganondorf X Zelda

Much of my time at Sakuracon was spent just casually taking in the sights.  I've been experimenting with some interesting photo editing style--incorporating atmospheric surreal complementary color grading and different unique ways to frame images.  I believe in a minimalist's philosophy of "less-is-more" when it comes to design.  The surreal color blended photos make me a bit conflicted as they pretty much go against that philosophy.  However, by comparison, the unedited photos lack a certain level of desirable "punchiness" which is my justification for making these edits.  Regardless, it's all done to learn and tryout new design techniques and ideas.

All-in-all, this year's Sakuracon was good as usual.  I noticed a marked decrease in the number of Hatsune Miku cosplays (is her legacy finally beginning to fade?) that were in attendance.  This year by comparison, the convention could be described as SAOkuraCon (Sword Art Online being the dominant IP).  Here's to another year in the interim!  And the rest of my photos:




Slenderman on stilts

Sejuani, there's a guy in that fur suit oven.






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