Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anime Expo 2011: Mikunopolis

It's the close of day 2 for Anime Expo in downtown Los Angeles. The Hatsune Miku concert, Mikunopolis was unbelievably amazing and wild. My hearing was muffled for a good hour after the concert though. There was a media ban but somehow, somehow, everything worked out OK.

That's because I befriended a really cool guy named Ackson who vouched for me and got me a press pass to shoot video and pictures during the concert. Taking video was restricted to the first six songs of the concert from a designated spot far away from the stage. However, we were able to take pictures from our seats in the audience. I think maybe one percent of the shots I took came out due to the pure darkness and difficulty of shooting a projected image.

In the meantime I've been spending all day everyday shooting video with tomorrow's forecast being no different. The shots I've been getting are OK but I've been hanging out and shooting with Ackson and feeling a bit dwarfed by his amazing Steadicam pans. Our videos have a bit of a different style but I'm still jealous of some of the really amazing shots he has been getting especially because were shooting the exact same people... our videos are gonna be kinda awkward in that regard probably, or mine will be at least, since I'm a "nobody." I think mine and Ackson's shots would really complement each others' really well but collaborative work in this field seems pretty rare, I don't know.

Tomorrow is my last day of shooting and I'm hoping it all goes well before I return back to Seattle on Monday morning. It's been fun working with a variety of cool cosplayers though I need to be more assertive when setting up my shots.

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