Monday, July 4, 2011

Hatsune Miku in Los Angeles, USA: Mikunopolis

Here are a few photos I had the pleasure of taking at the Mikunopolis concert at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA. We were allowed to film only the first 6 songs of the concert but were able to take pictures from our seats afterward. So the actual "concert in progress" shots are from after the first 6 songs were sung.

Taken from the press seating area up (another press seating area can be seen in the middle at the top), Hatsune Miku fans start to stream into their seats in anticipation.

The twins Len and Rin give a duet performance.

Followed by a strong performance by Luka.

Miku as seen from the large TVs on the sides of the theater.

Miku in saihate attire.

What it looks like when Miku changes outfits going into the next song(s).

Concert ends, hopefully Miku will be back next year. The video footage I took from the concert will hopefully be up later tonight.

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