Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Japan

Nothing really new to relate so I'll just post a few more observations and comments as I can remember.

Most of the cars here are tiny econoboxes, but there's always the sporadic appearance of a cool car, GTR, old Evo, etc. which brings a smile to my face.

I don't know if it's a seasonal thing that's part of the rainy season or what but the I don't think I've seen the sky since I've been here.

Napkins are hard to find here, and in restaurants, etc. you're either given 1 tiny napkin or a wet cloth. It's all in part to minimize garbage and maximize sustainability I think.

On a similar note, for all the fancy robo toilets and such that are everywhere, all the toilet paper I've encountered in single-ply--but I guess if you use all the robo-functions you probably don't need to use much at all anyway.

The forests here are dark and scary, I like that. I walked around a park which surrounded a small body of water yesterday looking for cool animals. I didn't find any giant beetles which I was hoping for, but saw some fairly big fish and crayfish in the water and some of the ugliest giant ducks I've ever seen that have these nasty red fleshy heads like buzzards. I approached some and they also make some funky sounds, instead of the expected quack / honk or whatever, they make loud panting noises like dogs.

I've been riding a bicycle to work each day and I still haven't gotten used to the reversed traffic rules. When I get to the entrance of my workplace, there's a security guard in full fancy uniform (every job here seems to involve uniforms) that goes into full salute as I ride by. I'm dressed in normal casual clothes riding a ghetto bicycle getting saluted by what looks like a policeman. Everything here is so backwards, but maybe it's a good thing.

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