Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today I went to Kawasaki which is close to Tokyo if not still within Tokyo itself. There's really not that much to see there, and I didn't really like it so much. The city feels kind of run down and dirty and the city stinks, at least more so than the other places I've been. The area is filled with pachinko / gambling shops. I also noticed the amount of smoking / smokers in the area was much greater than anywhere I've been so far as well. People don't wait for the crosswalks to turn green before crossing roads in Kawasaki like they do in other districts of Tokyo that I've ventured to.

The streets of Kawasaki are lined with Ginko trees as well and were loaded with Ginko fruits. I can only imagine how bad the city is going to smell in a few months when the fruits ripen and fall to the ground. I don't know the smell personally but I hear it smells like ripe colon.

I did walk by some random girls singing some songs. I'm guessing they're trying their best to become famous / make it big or something. I don't know but I felt bad because it seemed really cheezy.

Anyway, the main reason I traveled to Kawasaki was to check out a particular shop. However, once I found it, surprise!!! It was closed for the Obon holiday. That means I'll wait for another time to say why I went there and for what reason when I go back when the shop is open.

To keep the trip from being a complete waste I went to the Odakyu department store in Shinjuku to check out my own personal brand of men's clothing. No pictures were allowed again... oh well.

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