Friday, August 27, 2010

UP Garage & Pet Shop 2

Today a friend took me to Up Garage down the road and to another pet shop. This time I was armed with my camera. I had been to Up Garage before and it's a pretty amazing used car parts shop. Pretty much everything you'd want with which to tune your Japanese sports car can be found here at low prices.

Like this massive collection of high-quality coil-overs and forced induction parts; turbos, intercoolers, even transmissions.

Rows of exhaust systems, strut bars, and lowering springs in-case you're too poor to afford the sweet coil-over setups on the other side of the aisle.

A wide range of exterior mods can be found, and there's a huge selection of used motorcycle parts and gear as well. There's tons of stuff that isn't pictured. I wish I had a car here so I could indulge a little.

Next stop was the pet shop, which was a dedicated pet shop--not attached to any other building like the previous place. This shop had a fairly tiny beetle section with not much selection compared to the previous place. The beetles at this shop looked depressed.

There was a giant tortoise walking around the store, it seemed like it might have been the store's pet. They had the prairie dogs at this pet shop again. Pretty good looking animals as usual, they're native to Arizona and a ton of other places.

Then there was this hideous beast of creature. Not only was this "guinea pig" albino, but it was also hairless--definitely fell out of the ugly tree and hit by every branch on the way down. So gross it deserved to be photographed.

All in all there wasn't anything particularly exotic at this shop but it was still interesting to see more of Japan's pet culture here.


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