Saturday, September 18, 2010

Touristy Stuff #7 (Final)

Today we went to the Tokyo Game Show which is an annual event held in Tokyo as the name suggests. We were pretty hyped up for it after seeing coverage from previous years events. We arrived around half an hour after the gates opened and had to wait in line for over an hour in a massive queue before being able to get to the ticket area. Once passed this point... MASS AFTER MASS of people.

The place was flooded with people, we tried to navigate around and at one point there was a blockage so bad there were people (sweaty nerds) crushing us from behind by constantly ramming to try to get people to move forward. It was literally body pressed against body trying to move anywhere with absolutely nowhere to go or escape. If there was a fire or something of that sort at that moment, there was a pretty certain chance we would have died--not if I could help it though!

The crowding got a little better later in the day but it was still impossible to see anything due to the massive queues. All the games and everything else was in Japanese as well with very little that was presented having the chance of coming stateside either. So all in all TGS wasn't that great. It was a good experience in that we got to experience the craziness of TGS and see some cool stuff, but the crowds killed it. I'm sure TGS is a completely different story with a press pass when the event is completely quiet.

However, one of the bonuses to the event was all the cosplayers (Costume Play) that were dressed up. There are a lot of cosplayers in America that try to emulate the Japanese but nearly all the costumes / cosplay at TGS was of a completely different caliber. There were some ridiculous looking people at the event as well, but I'll let the pictures do the talking.


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